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Meet Levi Khananashivili, Founder

"Welcome to the 21st century, where everything is done online.
Now is the time to start your online journey. That might seem a bit overwhelming.
But hey, I'm here to take that weight off of your shoulders."

The stuff your business needs, we love to do
content creation
graphic design

The development of a website is basically the building of its core structure and forms the foundation of every project.

During this stage of building a website we focus on writing solid code. It's a fundamental part of the process where advanced skills and knowledge are key.

In other words, our team of experts makes sure that your beautiful website is backed up by strong and correct web development.


No one likes anything cookiecutter, especially not we!

We made it our mission to design unique designs time and time again, starting each project completely from scratch.

As the saying goes: there are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW!

"WOW" is what we aim for.


Getting found on search engines is a top priority for businesses that have just invested in a website, for good reasons too. Good s.E.O. Is what allows your website to stand out and become reachable.

S.E.O. Is the key to the online exposure process and without it, regardless of how much you've spent on your amazing website, potential clients don't get a chance at hearing you out. ​

LECCII Creative Agency's strategical S.E.O. and professional social media marketing skills will put your business in the spotlight of the digital world and it'll generate engagement from the right the target-audience.


User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are two very different aspects of web design, however, they heavily rely on one another to make a well balanced fine-tuned website.

While UI focuses on the design and feel of a website, it's the UX designers that make sure users don't get frustrated with complicated, cluttered and illogical layouts. We combine thoughtful UX with a UI design that's easy on the eye, both on mobile and desktop. We make sure our designs have visual hierarchy and that they're intuitional.

Correct implementation of UX / UI is what makes a responsive, harmonious, data-driven website, exactly what we're experts in.

Content Creation

Expert writers make your website's text easy to read while ensuring your message comes across clearly.

Powerful and persuasive text is a great way to inform potential clients as to what it is you're doing. we offer copywriting in a variety of languages each written by expert native speakers.

Graphic Design

Alongside websites and online marketing strategies, we offer our clients graphic design.

Our design team is highly skilled and offers a variety of styles that will most certainly fit your business's needs. Having an eye for perfection is crucial in the design process and it enables us to deliver satisfaction time after time.

So whether you've already got your sketches ready and set to digitalize, or you need someone creative to help you out, we're here to help.